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NLP Life Mastery Course

NLP Life Mastery Course is a peak experiential course. Can you imagine a paradise-like life in this world? This is exactly what is happening in this series of courses. You will really taste the juice of happiness that will elevate your personal life, family life parenting and so on.. Life Mastery is designed with the experiences of more than 25 years to change all your negatives into positives so that you live a brand new life.

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3 Day NLP Life Mastery Course in Calicut

  • 9 Oct 2021 - 11 Oct 2021
  • Calicut

Imagine a moment where all of your negatives miraculously turn into powerful blessings. Imagine a moment where you realise life is full of happiness and joy. Come and join an electrifying course for three days. It will unleash all of your inner potentials and happiness. It will implant all the secrets of success in all areas of your life. You will discover the strategies, tools and techniques of success and happiness.

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