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  1. You can overcome any negative mental state like boredom, anxiety, nervousness, frustration, mental disturbance etc.
  2. You can handle unwanted and distracting thoughts during your studies.
  3. You can get rid of the habits and behaviours that are distracting you to achieve your goals.
  4. You can get rid of any fear related to your studies including exam fear.
  5. You will achieve high level self confidence.
  6. You can regain your lost interest in any subject or studies.
  7. You will learn to model the learning habits of successful students and produce extraordinarily amazing results.
  8. You will learn to stay in powerful and motivated mental states in studies.
  9. You can produce the results that you deserve and desire.
  10. You will love studying because you will achieve a stress-free study mental state.
  11. You will love the subjects you had hated in the past
  12. You will achieve concentration and laser focus in studies with joy and happiness.
  13. You will feel relaxed and calm in studies
  14. You can reprogram your mind to become a super student
  15. You will learn different NLP techniques to study faster and quicker
  16. You will get interest in listening in the class
  17. You will learn advanced memory techniques.
  18. You will learn time management techniques for learning.
  19. You will discover success strategies
  20. You will learn spelling strategies secrets.
  21. You will overcome the issue of procrastination.

And so much more…



Moinu is an international certified trainer, author, publisher, motivational speaker, NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer/Therapist, Psychological counsellor, Relationship specialist and life coach. He has done his degree in Law from the University of Calicut. Because of his tremendous passion towards psychology, deep quest for happiness and success, self-help topics, trainings and motivational classes, the lawyer turned to be an exciting and life changing trainer.

He has completed seve...

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Some of his Trainers


  1. Basic principles of success.


  1. What is NLP?

How NLP can improve your studies?


  1. The wheel of your study or learning

(The present way of your study and how can you modify it to scale up to more than 1000 percentage)


  1. NLP and Basic Principles.                                                                              (Basic principles of true success in studies)
  2. People already have all the resources they need.
  3. The power of intelligence.
  4. The power of observation.
  5. The power of inquisitiveness.
  6. The power imagination / visualisation.
  7. The power of creativity.
  8. The power of uniqueness.
  9. The power of innocents.
  10. There is no such a things as failure, only results and feedback.
  11. If you always do the same thing you will always get the same result.
  12. Modeling successful performance leads to excellence.
  13. If you try, you won’t succeed.
  14. Internal experience has a structure.
  15. Map is not the territory.
  16. Every behavior has a positive intention.
  17. There are always choices.
  18. People always making the best choice (s) available.
  19. People work perfectly.
  20. Unconscious mind is always benevolent.
  21. Mind and the body are part of the same system.
  22. The meaning of communication is the response you get.
  23. You cannot not communicate.
  24. Representational system                                                                                       How mind learns everything?                                                                           How the brain codes our learning?                                                                         How can we increase the capacity of our mind to accelerate your learning?
  25. Visual way of learning.
  26. Auditory way of learning.
  27. Kinesthetic way of learning.
  28. The primary system. 
  29.  How your mind work for learning and how can you increase it without any stress and frustration?
  30. Find out your preferred learning system.


Subjective experience of timing.

  1. Features of Different Learning System.                                                                 i. Features of visual learners.                                                                              Features of kinesthetic learners.


  1. Learn the learning strategies.

What is strategy?

How can we realign our learning strategy?

NLP Memory Techniques

  1. NLP Goal Setting Secrets.

(Outcome Settings)

(Memory Technique-1)



a. States in positive terms.

b. Our outcome has to be in our control.

c. Outcome shall always be specific.

d. Sensory – Based Evidence.

e. Resources.

f. Outcome size.

g. Ecology.

ii. Outcome summery

  1. NLP Belief Settings

(Memory Techniques-2)

RAS (Reticular Activating System)


Features of your brain.

  1. Features of left brain
  2. Features of right brain and much more


Features of your mind.

  1. Conscious mind
  2. Subconscious mind
  3. Unconscious mind
  4. Super conscious mind


  1. NLP VAK Techniques


Visual Technique

Auditory Technique

Kinesthetic Technique

VAK Technique for accelerated learning

VAK Technique for exam.


  1. NLP Concentration Technique

(Memory Techniques-3)



iii. Downtime technique


  1. NLP Brightness technique (Memory Technique-4)
  2. NLP Size exaggeration technique (Memory Technique-5)
  3. NLP Distance technique (Memory Technique-6)
  4. NLP Picture technique (Memory Technique-7)
  5. NLP Association technique (Memory Technique-8)


NLP Oddities technique ( Memory Technique-9)

NLP Smart Learning Technique.


  1. NLP smart learning technique. (modeling  the smart student)

New learning generator.



  1. SWOT Analysis for learning

Awaken your genius.


S = strength

W = Weakness

O = opportunities

T = threats


(Theory – practice – technique and therapies)


  1. Eye - accessing cues
  2. NLP Easy Learning techniques.
  3. NLP spelling techniques.
  4. NLP exam techniques
  5. NLP confidence techniques
  6. NLP spelling techniques

NLP and Time Management in studies

  1. Time management Quardant.
  2. Representational system and our learning behavior.
  3. Three learning process.

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December 6 - December 7

08:00 AM - 07:00 PM


Video Testimonials


JAVID. VK, Medical Doctor

Students NLP

 A wonderful life changing experience after participating in Moinu's NLP classes.The best and powerfull thing is it is an evergreen change. Once tasted, no one can ignore it and we can 'change and transmute' every negative emotions in our life into "precious positives" and thereby total changes within us and the true reality behind it is that the negative emotions we "transmuted" never reappears in our life and the positive part persist and the positive part makes us happiest in the family and society..Thank u sir

NAJAF. Paloli, Student

Students NLP

I had a lot of good changes ,after attending Moinu sir's classes


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